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TINGKAT KEBERHASILAN DAN KEPUASAN PETERNAK TERHADAP PELAYANAN INSEMINASI BUATAN (IB) PADA SAPI PO KEBUMEN(The level of Succes and Satisfaction of PO Kebumen Cattle Farmers Toward Artificial Insemination Service)

Volume 01 : Juni 2018
Page: 48-54
Authors : PrayitnoFakultas Peternakan Universitas Jenderal Soedirman, Purwokerto, Mochamad SugiartoFakultas Peternakan Universitas Jenderal Soedirman, Purwokerto, SupriyantiFakultas Peternakan Universitas Jenderal Soedirman, Purwokerto

The objectives of the study were (1) to identify the success rate of artificial insemination service on PO Kebumen cattle (2) to identify the level of satisfaction of PO Kebumen cattle farmers to artificial insemination service and (3) to analyze the relation of farmer's age, cattle farmer education, and the success rate of artificial insemination with farmer satisfaction. The research was conducted by survey method with the sampling of the region conducted by purposive sampling. Number of respondents as many as 50 farmers of PO Kebumen cattle. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics and spearman rank correlation. The results showed that fertility rate of PO Kebumen beef cattle was good with the average S/C was 1.88 and was in the range of 1.6 to 1.93. The farmers of PO Kebumen cattle quite satisfied with artificial insemination service by inseminator (average score was 67.7). Farmer education, experience of using artificial insemination and the success rate of artificial insemination have a significant correlation with the farmer satisfaction on artificial insemination service (P<0.05). Increasing the capacity of inseminator and farmers and also the quality of cement used needs to be done to improve farmers' satisfaction on artificial insemination service.