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ANALISIS POTENSI INPUT DAN PERENCANAAN PEMBANGUNAN TERMINAL AGRIBISNIS PETERNAKAN KAMBING PERANAKAN ETTAWA DI KABUPATEN SLEMAN YOGYAKARTA(Potential Input Analysis and Agribusiness Station Development Planning of Ettawa Crossbreed Goat Farming at Sleman Regency Yogyakarta)

Volume 01 : Juni 2018
Page: 23-34
Authors : Rini WidiatiFakultas Peternakan Universitas Gadjah Mada, Tri Anggraeni KusumastutiFakultas Peternakan Universitas Gadjah Mada

The ease of distribution of livestock supply to meet the needs of the community was needed in order to realize the adequacy of animal protein sources. The existence of livestock agribusiness stationl was very supportive as a means of information and centers of livestock production in rural areas. This study aims to identify the potential of Ettawa Goat (PE) livestock group from agribusiness side and analyze the planning of goat agribusiness station of PE covering the management of production facility procurement, information system service and production operation, and post production and marketing. Research location in Girikerto Village Turi District as production center of Goat PE in Sleman Regency. The selection of respondents wasgroup management from 2 largest groups of livestock group, namely Mandiri group in Dusun Nganggring and Pangestu in Kemirikebo Hamlet, while the number of samples was done by census as many as 26 administrators in 2 groups. The analysis was done descriptively quantitative and the result of analysis was made in table form. The results showed that the age of farmers including productive age (43-45 years) and formal education equivalent to high school. Readiness of potential groups in terms of feed provision of 1334-1815 kg / month was equivalent to 83-113 drums with a capacity of 16 kg / drum and sack packaging ranging from 5389-1313 kg or 66-269 bags with a capacity of 20 kg / sack. Group preparedness in terms of monthly livestock